One to One

Anxiety, depression, worry, grief, and feelings of helplessness can be crippling. Individual coaching sessions with me will provide you with an understanding of the origins of these feelings and the tools to navigate your life as you develop better coping mechanisms and skills that alleviate suffering. Sessions can be via Zoom


Cost of Coaching and Therapy

This is often seen as an investment. The majority of people look to private therapy because they do not want to continue feeling the way they do and the NHS and other charities have far too long a waiting list.

The two primary options are funding it yourself or by using an insurance policy you may have privately or through your work. It is always worth asking your work’s human resources department what employee assistance programme policy they have as i can accept payment from them.

Why Pay For Private Sessions?

By seeing a coach or therapist privately there are a number of benefits.

This includes:

  • Not having to wait for up to 12 months, which is the standard NHS waiting time.

  • Not having your mental health difficulties go on your medical records (unless you or someone else’s safety is deemed at a significant risk).

  • Choosing the person you wish to see, rather than them being assigned to you.

  • Having more say in what type of support you would like to have.

  • Having as many sessions as is appropriate rather than being constrained by the limits imposed by services.

Self-Funding Your Coaching / Therapy

I charge £45 per session for online and £55 for face to face. The initial assessment and any further sessions are payable via bank transfer, cash, debit/credit card or Paypal.