Crossing the River

Thought-Based Approach

I offer a variety of life coaching services that will help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your proactive journey today.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Relationship Coaching

People may seek relationship coaching for a number of reasons, and though commonly thought to only involve intimate connections, there are many types of connections that benefit:

  • family members

  • married couples

  • sexual partnerships

  • friendships

  • co-workers

I can offer a host of coaching approaches to different relationships and the problems that can arise with connections during, dating, marriage, friendship and work through a goal-based approach. ( most clients do so in 2-6 sessions)


Life Coaching

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. We do this in a none judgemental, relaxed environment where clients often in just 3 sessions are able to notice many improvements in their life,

Work Desk

Career Coaching

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My goal is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Let’s have a chat in how we can make this happen.